‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: How the Bombing Will Affect Tony and Ziva

NCIS season 9 ended with the agency rocked by a bomb placed in Vance’s car. The team all went down when it went off, and that included Tony and Ziva together in an elevator. What comes next?

Season 10 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, executive producer Gary Glasberg has previewed, “The elevator scenes are so good. [Tony and Ziva] can’t help but be affected by this in a certain way, and they will continue to reach out to each other because of the connection they have as friends and as coworkers. There are definitely ‘moments.’ I’d like to take things a little further along than we have [in the past].” But does that necessarily mean that this will be the season that Tony and Ziva get together instead of continuing on with the “will they/won’t they” that has been going on for multiple seasons?

NCIS season 10 is going to show the aftermath of the bomb, and with Tony and Ziva in the elevator together, of course something’s going to happen there, even though it’s likely not them getting together. With an experience like that, it changes everyone’s lives. It could really put things into perspective for Tony and Ziva, and it sounds like they’ll be getting closer than previous seasons. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get together, but since they did just experience something where one of them could have died, that could change things. Considering they were in an elevator, they’re going to be stuck there for a bit. It could give them time to talk and move to a place in their relationship where a romantic one isn’t completely out of the cards in the future.

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