‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: McGee’s Family and More About the Character

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NCIS returns for its 10th season this month, and the premiere will be showing the aftermath of the bombing on the Navy Yard. While there have been teasers out about most of the team, there hasn’t been much said about McGee. What’s coming up with him?

Season 10 Spoilers

While it’s known that Sean Murray is back for season 10 (and beyond) and Michael Weatherly did tease some fun stuff coming for his and Murray’s characters this year, not much has been said about what’s going on for McGee after the explosion that rocked headquarters. He was in the bullpen after finishing up at his computer when the bomb went off, and like everyone else in the building, he went down when it did. Will the premiere see him injured from that blast, perhaps worse than any other member of the team?

Gary Glasberg has previewed to TVLine that in NCIS season 10, they’ve “got some fun stuff coming up.” The premiere, “Extreme Prejudice,” features “a reference…to a relative of Tim’s,” who may be showing up. According to Glasberg, “It won’t happen until the latter part of the season, but I think we’re going to get into a little more of the McGee family. We’ll scratch a little deeper [with that character], absolutely.” It’s always fun to bring in family members of the team, and not just because seeing them interact with the other team members is entertaining. It’s a chance to get some insight into a character’s past and help explain why they are the way they are. On a show like this one, characters’ personal lives are revealed in tidbits, every once in a while, and how better to do that for McGee than to bring in a family member?

Will exploring more about McGee perhaps also involve something with Abby? Though it’s been years since they were together, they do still get jealous when one has a date—or what may be seen as a date. Tony and Ziva are going to have time in the elevator after the explosion to touch upon what’s between them; will Abby and McGee have a moment at some point this season to do the same?

What do you think of the latest NCIS season 10 spoilers?

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