‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: The Building’s State, Tony and Ziva in the Elevator

NCIS season 9 ended with the team pretty much separated and almost all in danger. When the bomb in Vance’s car went off, Gibbs and Abby were in her lab, McGee was in the bullpen, and Tony and Ziva were in the elevator. Meanwhile, Ducky learned of what happened on the beach moments before suffering a heart attack, and Palmer’s location is uncertain (though he’s probably the safest). What happens next?

Season 10 Spoilers

<em>NCIS</em> on CBS.Executive producer Gary Glasberg knows that everyone knows David McCallum signed on for two more years, and no one’s exactly worried about Ducky because of that. However, he told TV Guide, “I’m not gonna massage it. David signed a contract to come back. The goal is to give him an opportunity to play something different. We talked about Ducky’s heart attack for a long time.” This just means they have a new storyline to explore for him, and it should also mean that the series looks at what this means for everyone else once they learn what happened to him.

He’s Ducky, and it’s impossible to imagine the show without him. Like Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Tony (Michael Weatherly), and Abby (Pauley Perrette), he’s been on the show since the very beginning (going back to the JAG episodes), and while the characters are prepared for the aftermath of the explosion in the beginning of NCIS season 10, Ducky’s heart attack is not something they are ready for—or aware of—right after that bomb went off.

The season 9 finale did show the building suffering some damage in the blast—what else would you expect?—but what will that mean for HQ when they come back? Glasberg did say, “You’ll see caution tape and repairs, but the building survived.” It’s still unclear just what the season premiere will look like—if it will pick up right after “Till Death Do Us Part” ended, if it will take place a few months down the line and show the aftermath in flashbacks, or perhaps something different. However it does begin, it would be hard to imagine the team not working out of the bullpen and in a different building. However, at the same time, they do need to have signs of the explosion, and it sounds like they’re going to handle it in the right way.

Finally, there’s the matter of Tony and Ziva in the elevator, which Glasberg says “wasn’t an accident.” Will this lead to them talking about what could be between them? There are fans who want to see them together, and while that won’t necessarily happen, it does sound like there should be at last a couple of moments to make those fans happy. Besides, it’s impossible not to think of rule #12 (“Never date a coworker”).

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