‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: Tony and Ziva in the Elevator and the Premiere

NCIS will be airing its 10th season this fall on CBS (the premiere airs on September 25), and right away, they need to address that explosive cliffhanger. What will the premiere show?

Season 10 Spoilers

Michael Weatherly talked to ET (video below) about the series, which he has been a part of since the very beginning. The show is very successful—it consistently brings in millions of viewers, wins its time slot for ratings, and continues to bring in more and more viewers—and it just keeps doing better each year. Weatherly admitted, “I think that this has become something that we are all really grateful for and we love, but I think it’s a surprise to all of us.”

It’s one of those shows that just get better as they go on, and it’s really no surprise it’s going into its 10th season this fall. In fact, you can point to what Weatherly said the show is about—”moving quick, being light, witty banter, lots of fun with the team and the dynamic…that balance” between the drama and “emotional impact” and the humor and the laughs. Most of the time, that humor comes from Tony, but it is because the series has found that balance that it works. First and foremost, it is a procedural drama, and even though there are plenty of those on air, there’s just something about this one that keeps people tuning in—and brings in new fans too. (It does help that USA Network airs plenty of marathons so people can catch up on episodes they’ve missed.)

Just because it’s a strong show doesn’t mean there aren’t weak episodes here and there, but every show has them. But could NCIS season 10 have few of those? Well, if you want to base it on what Weatherly had to say about the upcoming season, it’s possible: “I think this could be the best season we ever do because it feels we’ve hit the ground running, things feel very connected and very solid, great storytelling. …It feels like a winning season.”

So speaking of the upcoming season, season 9 ended with Ducky suffering a heart attack on the beach moments after learning about the explosion back at headquarters. David McCallum is signed on for two more seasons, but it still has yet to be seen what comes next for Ducky. On that matter, Weatherly said, “So, we left poor Ducky lying on the beach. So, all summer long, people wanted to know, ‘Is Ducky going to come back?’ and we find that out right in the opening moments—it’s all dealt with in the opening moments of the season premiere.” It doesn’t seem likely Ducky’s being killed off and the news of McCallum signing on was just a ruse, but this is something that will greatly impact not only Ducky, but everyone else as well as they face what comes next. Things may have to change at work.

The season 9 finale also ended with everyone back in headquarters feeling the explosion, and at the time of that, Tony and Ziva were in the elevator together. Weatherly teased, “I just finished shooting scenes with Cote de Pablo where we’re trapped in an elevator together—very sticky situation—and I required the services of a stunt double.” Will they have to get themselves out of the elevator? Is that why there’s a stunt double involved? Some fans are hoping those two get together, and this does put them in a situation where they could discuss what’s between them.

In general, Weatherly called the season premiere “huge,” emphasizing it and teased about the shock of what has happened, “It always shakes us up in a great way, and the way the team reassembles and the way we all keep moving forward—everybody’s affected and changed by it.” While it doesn’t seem likely that any of the team is leaving, what happens could change relationships on the team, at least at some point in the future. It also changes the agency in general. Harper Dearing is still out there. Gibbs is going to catch him, there’s no question about that, but what will happen when he does?

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