‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: What Will Headquarters Look Like After the Explosion?

NCIS season 9 ended with an explosion that rocked headquarters, trapped some of the team, left lives possibly hanging in the balance, and caused some destruction to the building. So what will happen when the series resumes in the fall?

Season 10 Spoilers

After that explosion, headquarters is going to need to have some work done to restore it to what it used to be. According to TVLine, Gary Glasberg has revealed that it’s going to “‘miraculously be rebuilt’ to look ‘pretty much’ the same as it ever was,” though it is possible that something could be different, as Glasberg added, “There’s a whole storyline in Episode 2 about…the color of the walls.” Is it possible that the squad room is no longer going to have its orange walls? Back in the flashback-filled “Baltimore” episode of season 8, Tony had mentioned he wasn’t “a big fan of the orange” upon walking into the squad room. Will they perhaps recall that with a comment from Tony in NCIS season 10?

While change is good, sometimes it’s not, and it’s good to hear that headquarters is going to look “pretty much” like it did before the explosion. The more that changes, the more that would serve as a reminder in the aftermath. They’re going to have enough to deal with that they don’t need that on top of everything else. After all, Dearing is still out there, though it is just a matter of how Gibbs catches him, not if. The entire cast is signed on to return, so while no one is going to die as a result of the explosion or heart attack, they will have to deal with the aftermath of what happened. What will happen with Tony and Ziva after they’ve been trapped in the elevator together? How will what has happened affect everyone going forward?

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