‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: What’s Coming Up for Ducky and Palmer?

NCIS season 10 is going to have a bit of a different look now that Brian Dietzen (finally!) is a series regular. That means that not only is he going to be in the opening credits (presumably), but Jimmy Palmer will likely have a bigger role professionally as well.

Season 10 Spoilers

Season 9 not only ended with the team in the building when the bomb went off right outside in Vance’s car, leaving their fates uncertain, it also ended with Ducky suffering a heart attack as he learned of what happened while he walked the beach. He had gone with Palmer to Florida for his wedding, and now his future is somewhat uncertain in terms of how the heart attack will affect him. Obviously Ducky’s not going to die, but this could mean that Palmer has to take on a bigger role for the beginning of the season while Ducky can’t necessarily do everything he used to. Perhaps Ducky will stay in autopsy, leaving it up to Palmer to go to crime scenes for the first few episodes.

Brian Dietzen talked to Entertainment Weekly about what could be coming up: “Certainly, no matter what does happen Jimmy is going to have to step up right away at the beginning — whether it’s a matter of going to help Ducky (David McCallum) or if it’s a matter of taking care of the possible dead and wounded at NCIS. As far as what happened with Ducky, I really hope that things remain as they are because Ducky and Jimmy have such a great chemistry together, and working with David is a huge part of the joy I get from going to NCIS. We’ll have to see. I’m like everyone else; I’m a fan of the show.”

Hopefully what Dietzen mentions happens. Jimmy Palmer has certainly grown as a character since his introduction, and it’s working with Ducky that’s responsible for it. While it does sometimes seem to be leading to Palmer taking over for Ducky at some point, hopefully that doesn’t happen too soon because it would never be the same without Ducky as the ME. So, continuing as it has been, along with maybe some added responsibility for Palmer, does seem like the best way to handle it as Ducky recovers from his heart attack, which isn’t something they can just shy away from showing.

What do you think of the latest about NCIS season 10?

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