‘NCIS’ Season 10 Spoilers: Will Jamie Lee Curtis Return?

NCIS season 9 ended with lives in danger and with a relationship essentially over when Dr. Ryan left after her ex-husband was released from prison. How much will that affect Gibbs’ future?

Season 10 Spoilers

With everything else going on, will Gibbs even have time to mourn the loss of his relationship with Dr. Ryan? It doesn’t seem like he’s going to, as executive producer Gary Glasberg told TV Guide, “I really didn’t want to treat this relationship as if she was dead. The show has a history of doing that, and that’s not the case here.” It’s not like she left because of something that happened between them, but it does seem like that relationship is essentially “dead” for now. With everything else going on, it’s not like Gibbs is going to exactly have time to think about Dr. Ryan right now. There’s the aftermath of the bombing and Ducky’s heart attack to cover, and Dearing is still out there.

So could Jamie Lee Curtis return in NCIS season 10 to reprise her role as Dr. Ryan? Glasberg did say, “I’d like to believe that we approached it realistically, and that there are priorities she has in her life. But if they were able to reconnect down the road, I’d love to have Jamie Lee come back.” They did leave her storyline open for a return, and there are questions about her ex-husband. They could always have her return to wrap that up and gives some answers there, but not show more romantically for her and Gibbs.

Do you want to see Jamie Lee Curtis return in NCIS season 10?

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