‘NCIS’ Season 9 Episode 23 ‘Up in Smoke’ Preview: The Hunt for a Terrorist Continues

NCIS season 9 continues next week with episode 23, “Up in Smoke.” They know the identity of their most wanted terrorist now, but will they be able to stop Harper Dearing before there’s another fire on a Navy ship?

Season 9 Episode 23 “Up in Smoke” Promo

“The NCIS team analyzes what secrets could be in the hands of a terrorist targeting the Navy when a high-tech bug is found inside a probationary agent’s tooth. Meanwhile, the festivities for Jimmy Palmer’s upcoming wedding continue with the bachelor party.”

<em>NCIS</em> on CBS.Unsurprisingly, episode 22, “Playing With Fire,” revealed that Harper Dearing, played by Richard Schiff, is the one behind the terrorist attacks. That was a very strong possibility ever since they announced this new character and revealed that he could be appearing in the season 10 premiere, especially with the big cliffhanger coming up in “Till Death Do Us Part.” The casting news did reveal that he lost his son in a terrorist bombing. Is that part of his motivation? Does he feel like no one paid enough attention to the bombing that took his son from him?

In the NCIS season 9 episode 23 promo for “Up in Smoke” (below), after the team enters a building, Gibbs watches in MTAC as Harper says, “People die for a cause every day.” Is this part of a tape they may have recovered in that search? Samantha warns Gibbs, “He’s fixated on you. Be careful.” At one point, it looks like Gibbs and Ziva, in a dress, run out in the middle of the street. Did they see Harper? Could this be in the middle of Jimmy’s bachelor party? Is it going to be a team outing that goes south when the case gets in the way?

This is going to be a dangerous case, and the season’s almost over. However, it doesn’t look like they’re going to find Harper until he wants to be found. Abby reports that he’s on the Navy Yard, and they immediately run to get him. He’s just sitting there on a bench. That makes it seem like he wants to get caught at this moment. What does he have up his sleeve?

What do you think of the NCIS season 9 episode 23 preview of “Up in Smoke”?

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