‘NCIS’ ‘Shabbat Shalom’ Recap: Tragedy Strikes

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NCIS season 10 kicked off 2013 with the very emotional episode 11, “Shabbat Shalom,” which featured an outstanding performance from Cote de Pablo and ended with two dead.

There were a couple of light-hearted moments—such as between father and son before they fished out an ear from the river and as the team reminisced about previous undercover jobs while they looked through their old costumes, which led to a touching moment between father and daughter as Eli saw the photo of a “pregnant” Ziva and asked what she had told people she was having (a girl)—but any humorous moments were quickly forgotten with two loved ones dead by the end of the episode.

As usual, the team was on the case when a dead body was found in the river with a military ID on him. However, it turned out the victim was not Petty Office Second Class Luke Grismer, as the ID read, but instead “government paparazzi” Tyler Wilkes, who had sold digitally altered photos of opium smuggling on foreign bases the year before. The cause of death was exsanguination from internal bleeding; he had mono and received a direct hit that split his enlarged liver. It may have been an accident, but the killer tried to cover it up. When they talked to Luke, it turned out that Wilkes blackmailed him and said he’d keep him out of his story if he gave him his ID since they looked alike. The other guys were angry upon learning someone was going through their belongings, but they pulled an “I am Spartacus” when questioned. However, none of them killed Wilkes, and once they found his car and equipment, they found their answer. Though the memory card in his camera had been wiped clean, it was set to upload the photographs to his tablet, and while there was no clear shot of the person’s face, there were photos of one person—and Ziva recognized that person.

Eli David had come to town, claiming to be there just to see his daughter, but she had her doubts. He hadn’t told anyone he was in the country and claimed to be seeking redemption. She told Gibbs, who told her to spend time with him, but keep him updated, and Gibbs told Vance, who noted that Kazmi was also in town. He and Eli had grown up on different sides of the same stretch of the Israel/Palestine border, and they didn’t believe it was a coincidence Eli was there during his first visit to the US. Though they thought he was planning to prove he was still an asset to Mossad by taking him out, they were surprised when Eli brought them up to meet Kazmi, who was also avoiding his security detail. Though the two disagreed about a lot, they knew they needed a chance for open, honest dialogue. They’d both be dead if their nations knew. It could be the difference between war and peace.

Meanwhile, Jackie and Vance had a night planned in, with the kids away, but with Eli in town and the need for him and Vance to talk unofficially, dinner plans were changed to include him (and Ziva). And that was when everything went to hell. As they pulled up to Vance’s house, Ziva confronted Eli after she recognized him in Wilkes’ photos. He wanted her to see the good, but an innocent man was dead and he lied to her. He asked her to sit across from him at dinner one last time, and she did, but things were tense all around, between the Vances and the Davids. Midway through Eli’s blessing, Ziva left the table and went outside to call Gibbs to tell him about her father. And then the gunshots began.

Ziva took off after the shooter, finally hitting him when she stood in the street as he drove in her direction, but he ran. She and Gibbs did find him, but he poisoned himself before they could get him to talk. But back at the Vances’, Tony and McGee found blood—and a bloody Director Vance. However, it wasn’t his blood. Jackie was on the way to the hospital when Ziva and Gibbs returned to the house, and Eli was dead. Ziva broke down as she held her father. The others waited at the hospital for news on Jackie, with Gibbs ignoring the SecNav’s calls, which led to McGee ignoring the calls he then got. No one was supposed to know Eli was in town, and if the wrong people found out what happened, it could be taken as a declaration of war. And as for Jackie’s fate, the episode ended with Vance telling Gibbs, “She’s dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.” Given how this episode played out, neither death was too much of a surprise. To be continued…

What did you think of NCIS season 10 episode 11 “Shabbat Shalom”?

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