‘NCIS’ Spoilers – Tony Origins and Team Doppelgangers

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NCIS has been successful for CBS for eight years now, and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. Every week, millions tune in to check out the latest case Gibbs and his team are working on, catch up on what the characters are up to, and listen to some pretty cool music from Abby’s lab. But it’s time to recall some facts from the past for these characters.

End of season spoiler

Michael Weatherly (19 September 2008) 6Fans have known for some time that a Tony-centric episode is coming up, which will explore just how he came to join Gibbs’ team, recalling how things used to be—back in the pilot, when it was just DiNozzo and Gibbs before they brought on Kate.

TVGuide has reported that according to Michael Weatherly, as this season draws to a close, viewers will meet the characterÂ’s doppelgangers.

“There will be a massive disturbance in the squad, which will begin to crack.”

Uh-oh, this certainly doesn’t sound good. Back in season 2 of NCIS, there was an episode, “Doppelganger,” in which they worked with a police team that reminded the agents of themselves.

They had the boss (Gibbs); the carefree, attractive investigator (Tony); the female investigator who didnÂ’t put up with her male counterpartÂ’s flirtations (Kate); and the newbie (McGee).

It was amusing to watch, but with the words “massive disturbance” and “begin to crack” being used to describe the upcoming episode, it doesn’t sound like it will be the case this time.

Are you looking forward to this story line on NCIS?

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