Nebraska Murder Suspect Held Without Bail

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Oscar Rosario Hernandez stands accused of the 1980 murder of Victoria DeAnda in Omaha. He was apprehended on August 17 of this year, in New Mexico when the outstanding Nebraska warrant for first-degree murder was revealed.

article photoOn September 4, 1980, Hernandez had been working temp jobs in the area 24th and Oak Streets, where Victoria lived, and the two had had some kind of argument. The connection between the two is not specified, but Hernandez is accused of slitting DeAnda’s throat and stuffing her body into a kitchen closet before stealing some of her valuables and taking off in her car. A week later, there was a strong odor coming from the apartment, and when the police arrived, they found Victoria in an advanced state of decomposition.

Wednesday morning was Hernandez’ first court appearance on this matter, where he was ordered held without bail. Clearly, he is a flight risk. His attorney, doing his job, says that this man is a husband and father of 6. Why this should excuse his past crime, one will never know.

Surely, this man had been thinking he had gotten away with this heinous crime. Running away to Mexico to hide from your crime doesn’t erase it. With there being no statute of limitations on murder charges, a man hiding from them would probably do well to remain out of the US. Just goes to show you the brilliance of the criminal mind. After more than 30 long years, the family of Victoria DeAnda will, at last, have justice.

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