‘Necessary Roughness’ Recap: Is Terrence King Becoming ‘Mr. Irrelevant’?

Necessary Roughness tries to create a theme for the July 11th episode, “Mr. Irrelevant,” but not everyone has big dreams that are stirring them to greatness. Some people are just hoping to survive.

Does a magician have a death wish?

When Jack St. Cloud (Paul Blackthorne), a magician who focuses on the impossible, tests out his buried alive trick, he suddenly has a panic attack. Jack’s illusion engineer even thinks the magician has a death wish, as he suddenly changes his big stunt to one where he hangs upside down from two skyscrapers and supposedly plans to escape a straight jacket.

It’s a suicide mission, and the magician imagines himself dead. So what gives? Jack has been focused on his career for so long, he’s disappeared from people’s lives, like his daughter, who is getting married and doesn’t want him to walk her down the aisle. Jack’s stunt is planned for her wedding day, and Dani (Callie Thorne) knows the perfect solution: go to the wedding.

Who’s in control, the coach or the new assistant GM?

Matt (Marc Blucas) may be the new GM on Necessary Roughness — and the boss of the coach — but he’s still trying to keep a low profile for the draft. He doesn’t want to rock any boats, even though he has a very different perspective than Coach Purnell (Gregory Alan Williams).

marc blucasMatt wants to draft the best possible player while the coach just wants to fill positions. “We disagree,” the coach tells Matt, “but not respectfully.”

The new GM, Hank Griffin, seems to encourage the dissent as the draft starts, but eventually sides with Matt as their options slim. The coach claims he’s okay with it all, but he’s clearly not. “It’s your grocery list. If it goes bad,” he says, “it’s on you now.”

Is TK becoming “Mr. Irrelevant”?

Big Slim Jim TK (Mehcad Brooks) isn’t happy that he’s being made fun of on Twitter, so he does what any star football player would do: He hires a ghost Twitterer, a “puny white boy” named Josh.

The play works well at first, even if he gets on Hank Griffin’s bad side as he mocks his football team, but then he’s suddenly in a Twitter feud with his rival, Minefield. Not surprisingly, Minefield has hired the same Josh, and Nico (Scott Cohen) handles the situation.

The more interesting storyline is what happens in the draft and how it affects TK. Damon Razor (Gaius Charles) has been drafted to the Hawks, and he’s a wide receiver, just like TK. So will TK be replaced? “Mr. Irrelevant” is typically the last person drafted, but in this case, TK himself seems to be making himself irrelevant, even though he’s trying his hardest to get in shape.

Are the Santino kids okay with Matt and Dani?

The news is finally out about Matt and Dani, and it’s a bit anti-climatic after all the hype in the June episodes. The kids kind of care, but not really. Ray Jay (Patrick Johnson) accepts Matt as Dani’s beau, and even teases her about using protection so she doesn’t get pregnant.

But Lindsay (Hannah Marks) is having issues — that deal with something completely different. She’s not interested in pommies like her other friends. She doesn’t know what she wants to do, or be, and she wants to start going to a therapist who isn’t her mom.

Still, things seem like they’re okay in the Santino household at least for now. After all, Necessary Roughness “Mr. Irrelevant” ends with the family, plus Matt, having a movie night.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think the magician storyline was a bigger distraction from the story of the Hawks and Dani more than anything?

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