‘Necessary Roughness’ Recap: TK Goes to Rehab on ‘All the King’s Men’

It’s the Necessary Roughness summer season finale with “All the King’s Men,” and the big question is, can TK (Mehcad Brooks) put himself back together again? In the beginning of the episode, Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) compares the Hawks wide receiver to Humpty Dumpty: “Once he was broken, even if you picked up the pieces and put them back together, he’d never be quite the same.”

Mehcad Brooks of "Necessary Roughness" at 2011 USA Upfronts, Lincoln CenterLuckily TK didn’t hit the girl on her bicycle in last week’s episode, “Double Fault,” but he did end up in a huge car accident, prompting Dani, Matt (Marc Blucas), and some of the others to stage an intervention and give him an ultimatum. If he doesn’t go to rehab, he’s getting cut from the Hawks.

Yet the Two Oaks Wellness Center isn’t the best place for him to be, and not just because TK doesn’t really want to be there. TK’s music producer friend Jimmy Folkes (Michael Imperioli) is there, too, and he’s not the best influence.

TK may be the focus of this finale, but he isn’t the only one with a storyline on Necessary Roughness “All the King’s Men.”

Will Matt find a new wide receiver?
With TK out of the picture, Matt is tasked with finding TK’s replacement before the season opener. But that’s not so easy when the wide receiver he wants is represented by his arch-nemesis, Rob Maroney (Rob Estes). By not giving the offer to his client, Maroney considers this payback.

Fortunately for the Hawks, Matt has a devious side to him. He leaks the story to the press—before sleeping with the reporter—and he gets his wide receiver with less than 48 hours to go. With this task complete, his job as General Manager is secure.

Will Nico get the tapes from Marshall Pittman?
The Hawks go into a tailspin when they hear Marshall is headed back to the stadium for the first game, but they go into an even bigger tailspin when Marshall’s plane goes missing. But Nico (Scott Cohen) doesn’t buy it. He thinks it’s a stunt, and he knows where Pittman keeps his secrets.

After Dani insists, she travels with him to the hideout. But Marshall never went to get his other passports or his secret stash of money. So Nico takes all of Marshall’s back-up plans, thinking that if Marshall is alive, he’ll go after Nico.

Will TK get the help he needs?
Not at first. After a disastrous group meeting, TK decides it’s his calling to play in the first game. He’ll be the hero the team needs after the Hawks owner has gone missing. With Jimmy’s encouragement, the two “legends” escape on horses. But they don’t get the reception TK was hoping for.

They’re kicked out the stadium, and when TK shows up at Dani’s in the middle of the night, he gets turned away. He’s desperate for her help, but he shouldn’t be turning to Dani. He needs rehab, and that’s what Dani wants him to see. (And which Ray Jay [Patrick Johnson] finally learns, a bit too late because the draft has already happened. Just say his drug dealer friend is none too happy with him.)

But TK isn’t going back. Rather, he watches the Hawks’ first game from his couch until his replacement makes a touchdown. Him and Jimmy, though, continue to celebrate—until TK finds him unconscious. Except Jimmy didn’t OD. His heart just gave out. That’s all TK needs to get him back in rehab. This time, he actually wants to be there.

But what about everyone else? Ray Jay tears up the marijuana plant and then gets caught by the cops; Dani doesn’t know this yet. Instead, she’s mourning the death of her fish, her friend. And then Nico shows up. Marshall’s body has been found. He really is dead. But he didn’t die before sending Dani all of the tapes.

Nico is grieving. “He was the only one who knew me, except you,” Nico says.

“I don’t know you,” Dani insists.

“Yeah, you do,” he responds, just before they kiss.

And that’s how the Necessary Roughness summer season finale “All the King’s Men” ends. The USA Network show doesn’t return again, with all of TK’s drama and Dani’s new random relationship, until the Winter.

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