‘Necessary Roughness’ Recap: TK Offers Up ‘A Load of Bull’

Necessary Roughness “A Load of Bull” asks the question: when do you hang on, and when do you let go? The question may be referring to the case of the week — a bull rider who keeps getting hung up on the bull — but it’s also very much about Dani (Callie Thorne) and her relationship with Matt (Marc Blucas), as well as TK (Mehcad Brooks) and his shooting.

Why can’t Ty let go of the bull and his career?
Lila wants her husband Ty to quit bull riding, but it’s a way of life, no matter the injuries. But now his very life is at risk, since he can’t get off the bull when his eight seconds of riding are up. So what gives? What is he holding on to?

Mehcad Brooks of "Necessary Roughness" at 2011 USA Upfronts, Lincoln CenterDani thinks it has something to do with his father, who was trampled and died when he was only 30. That’s part of it, but it’s also because he doesn’t have his father for guidance after the age of 30. He’s always lived in his dad’s footsteps, and those footsteps have stopped. It’s time for him to make his own pattern.

What are Matt and Dani up to?
Matt and Dani broke up last week on Necessary Roughness, and this week Olivia and Ray Jay (Patrick Johnson) call it quits when they start talking about college. “Love makes imbeciles out of all of us,” Dani finally tells Ray Jay, after he gets punched in the face by Olivia’s new man. But Dani isn’t quite ready to listen to her own advice. She backslides right into Matt’s arms, because she’s just not ready to let go yet.

What story does Noelle get from the Hawks?
This storyline is eerily similar to one from season one — what with a reporter coming to visit and do a story on TK — but it has completely different consequences. Rather than TK sleeping with the reporter, he hits on her, and Noelle accuses him of sexual harassment. Yet, she’s willing to drop all of that if she can just get some clearance and unfettered access to Damon Razor (Gaius Charles), since she considers his history suspect.

But this is training camp, and Damon can’t deal with the stress. Still, TK is the MVP and captain of the team, and the coach isn’t about to let him — and the team — get more bad publicity. They’re ready to feed Damon to the lioness — until TK finally wakes up and sees what his actions have gotten Damon into.

TK volunteers to give Noelle what she really wants and do a one-on-one interview with him, no holds barred. With that interview on the books, she turns over the tape that shows TK hitting on her — and hit on her he does. He even drops his towel in the locker room, exposing everything. But Dani thinks something more is up, especially when TK acts cool and level-headed during his interview, which is so unlike him. She’s finally starting to realize that TK doesn’t have it all together, and that he is hooked on pain killers.

Necessary Roughness season two only has three episodes left, and they air on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern on the USA Network.

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