Ned RocknRoll: Who’s He, and Why Did Kate Winslet Marry Him?

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Kate Winslet may be the only person to really know Ned RocknRoll, since his real name is Abel Smith. And now that the Titanic actress has allegedly made him her third husband she should know him pretty well.

That just leaves the rest of the country to catch up on the other half of the couple rumored to have tied the knot in a New York barn this week.

According to the Telegraph, Winslet married RocknRoll in a romantic secret ceremony. And as one might expect, they had been planning it for a while.

RocknRoll, the nephew of Sir Richard Branson, has been a staple in the famous actress’ life for over a year, with both his first–and Kate’s second–marriages ending in 2010. But they allegedly did not begin dating until 2011 according to the Sun.

They moved in together in September of 2012, when Kate and Ned purchased a 15th-century house together in West Sussex for approximately $2 million pounds.

It just so happens to be a house located near Ned’s uncle’s mother’s home, Eve Branson, the Sun also reported.

Before that the couple walked the Red Carpet together at the Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles in January, and before that they weathered a fire disaster on Necker Island, when they were together at Uncle Branson’s paradise retreat in 2011 when it burned down. Ned’s brother Jack was on the island with them at the time.

That covers the two years since the couple met, and since Ned RocknRoll left his wife Eliza Pearson after 20 months of marriage, following their 2009 wedding.

Kate Winslet with boyfriend Ned Rocknroll

And what a two years it has been! They’ve both rebounded from divorces, met and moved in together, then bought a house, and also survived a fire while planning a secret and private wedding for months. That Kate Winslet sure does live like her Titanic alter ego, eh?

Winslet and her new husband celebrated their vow exchange with Kate’s Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, at their side. Given her penchant for dramatic living, it only seems fitting. Right?

DiCaprio served as the man who gave the bride away, since he does hold the title for being Kate’s best friend. Winslet’s two children were also present for the small and private ceremony, along with approximately six additional people each chosen specifically by the bride and groom, including Ned’s brother Jack.

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