Need Some Inspiration- Read Carol Kent’s When I Lay My Isaac Down

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I recently viewed an episode of We’s The Secret Lives of Women. This is now one of my all time favorite shows. On this particular episode the focus was on mother’s of accused or convicted murderers – often being their sons. One of the women who was Carol Kent. Carol Kent is a renowned Christian speaker and writer. She is President of the Speak Up Speaker Services, and her son Jason Kent is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his wife’s ex-husband.

Carol never dreamed in a million years this was the turn her life was going to take. She writes that just weeks before Jason’s arrest she and her husband Gene were taking a leisurely stroll along the waterfront admiring God’s glory and wondering aloud if life truly got any better than it was at that moment. Then Carol was given what she calls her Isaac moment. Taking from the story in Genesis about Abraham who was commanded by God to sacrifice his only son Isaac, and Abraham who dutifully obeyed even though it was killing him soon learned it was only a test of his fatih and his son was spared.

Throughout the book Carol tells you of her experience in finding out that not only was her son capable of such an act but that he done so in a premeditated fashion. Jason, believning his two step-daughters were in danger of abuse from their father, decided the only way to protect them was to murder their biological father. Jason is now serving a life sentence without parole in a Florida state penitentary. Carol also relates to how she was able to continue her unshakeable faith in God in these most trying of times.

I greatly enjoyed the book and having never read Carol’s writing before I was greatly impressed and immediate fan. Carol is able to give forth her unique, and caring nature between the pages and expresses herself in a way that you could feel the pain her and her family were going through. I was also equally impressed with her compassion to the family of the man whose life her son took. She never excuses Jason’s action but only repeats what she has stated to him – there is nothing you can do that will ever change my unconditional love for you. Love is God’s work and Carol is one of his hardest working employees.

If you are experiencing an insurmountable difficulty in your life Carol Kent’s When I Lay Down My Isaac is a must read, or if you simply want to know how someone in these dire circumstances can continue to have faith in the Lord, much like I was, then again this is a must read!

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