need to shave your legs in a hurry & limited time

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3 star rating




BIC Single Blade Razor, Sensitive, 12-Count (Pack of 12.) It comes in a pack of 12 good for times of emergency.

These razors are good for shaving your legs. I wouldn’t recommend them for underarm shaving as they may shave more then you need to causing more hair to grow and need to be shaved … I’m currently using these when I have shave and am on the run. They’re easy to use and pain free. They shave nicely and cleanly. Some razors cut you and leave stubble, this one does not do it so much in fact very little.

They’re cheap, to compared to other companies. Also since they’re disposable you can use them once and throw them out. You also have the option of reusing it a couple of times. But be careful if they begin to rust and look dirty throw them out.

Bic is known for their pens and sticky pads and now they can also be known for their razors. If you have sensitive skin I would say this may work out for you as well. Over all I give Bic 3 and a 1/2 stars! They’re cheap and easy to use but they also are wide so they may shave more then you want in area you don’t want.

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