Negative policy comments not ‘racist’

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Negative policy comments not ‘racist’


A black Christian conservative activist says those who don’t support President Barack Obama’s policies are not racist.

Recently, charges of racism have been hurled at many of those taking part in Tea Party demonstrations and those who are critical of many of President Obama’s policies. According to The Associated Press, many of those accusations have been aimed by blacks at other blacks for “having the audacity to oppose the policies of the nation’s first black president.”

Bishop Harry Jackson, president of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, argues that people should be free to level criticism at the president without being called racist.


Bishop Jackson pointed out that he was thankful that we have an African-American president, but that Obama was wrong on some issues.  He also pointed out that speaking out against the administration and having one’s racial integrity questioned is a mindset that “translates into a kind of reverse bigotry.”


And in his words:


“And we need the freedom in a free country to speak out and say [that] the administration missed it here…without it being an indictment on the person’s racial integrity — or as an African American, people calling you an ‘Uncle Tom’ or an ‘Oreo.'”


I totally agree.  I have never understood why people think that every black and every Hispanic has to be a Democrat.  Or every Roman Catholic.  Or every union worker.


And I certainly do not understand name calling or threatening people because of their choice to be conservatives or Republicans.


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