Neil Patrick Harris Loves his Twins’ Smiles – HIMYM Star a Hands-On Daddy!

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Neil Patrick Harris is taking fatherhood pretty well. Harris says his twins have started to smile and it’s taking his breath away! The HIMYM star and partner David Burtka recently welcomed twins into their lives and have been overjoyed with being daddies.

File:5.3.10NeilPatrickHarrisByDavidShankbone.jpgApparently, the actor, 38, is enamored of his babies and why shouldn’t he be? Watching the twins, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, smile is one thing, but laughing will be something else all together. Harris is afraid his twins will literally stop him in his tracks once they start to laugh.

Neil Patrick Harris stated, “I love when theyÂ’re smiling. That sounds very glib, but for a little while they donÂ’t, youÂ’re just kind of holding and hoping nothing goes wrong and now theyÂ’re starting to smile.”

He added, “Once they start laughing, IÂ’m going to be head over heels for those two. Well, I already am, but then IÂ’ll think theyÂ’re laughing at my comedy so I will never leave the house.”

There’s little doubt the double bundles of joy have brought new meaning to Harris and Burtka’s lives. Sure, at three months, babies are super cute and cuddly. If Neil Patrick Harris is amazed at his smiling babies now, wait till they start crawling!

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