Neil Young: Fire at Warehouse to Cost $1.1 Million in Damages

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A fire, which broke out at a San Carlos warehouse Neil Young was renting, is estimated to have caused damage around $1.1 million. The fire consumed Neil Young’s music memorabilia as well as parts of the warehouse. Fortunately, the cost reflects only a small portion of damaged items: 30%.

Neil Young (Sunglasses, Oakland Stadium 1974) Poster Print - 24x33Belmont-San Carlos Fire Chief Doug Fry said that around 70% of Neil Young’s property was salvageable.

Currently, a cause for the fire, which ignited inside the10,000-square-foot warehouse, is unknown. Neil Young was not present at the time the incident occurred. The fire started Tuesday morning around 3am.

Neil Young is really lucky that the fire didn’t burn up everything or anyone! Imagine how much more costly this disaster would have been if 100% of Neil’s belongings were destroyed. The fire damage is already extremely expensive at $1.1 million. Hopefully, the fire department will discover the reason why the fire broke out. Either way, the loss of some possessions is better than the loss of a life.

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