Neiman Marcus Cutting 850 jobs

Neiman Marcus is not only cutting 850 jobs, but they asking their luxury vendors to moderate their prices.

The sky is falling when Neiman Marcus is concerned for price.  I don't know if this is a good economic indicator, or a bad one.  It seems to me that if someone wants to pay the price, and there is a market for high priced items then good for Neiman Marcus.  However, if this is an indicator of an economic upturn in the Obama stimulus plan, it missed the mark.

I hope someone can tell the 850 people who are about to lose their jobs with Neiman Marcus, about how evil the rich are.  Do people like Obama not see that if we hurt the rich, the rich will go on, and it's the regular American like these people who will be cut off?

I, myself, don't shop at Neiman Marcus, but I feel for those 850 people who will lose their jobs.  The mansions will remain, but the jobs that will be lost may be yours.

Stop the madness, Mr. Obama.  Don't redistribute the wealth.  Make some wealth besides your own.  Where does Michelle shop?  Wal-mart?


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