Netflix is Largest Source of Web Traffic in North America

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Netflix is now the largest source of web traffic. Streaming from the popular movie site accounts for 30 percent of all North American Internet traffic. That is a hefty share.

A new report by Sandvine Inc. shows that surfing the web is now a lower priority for web Netflix is Largest Source of Web Traffic in North Americausers than streaming entertainment. The web traffic for Netflix has increased 44 percent since last Fall’s report. That’s an astonishing jump. As of yesterday’s report, the popular site has more traffic than YouTube, Facebook, Hulu and iTunes.

Perhaps the fact that people have had to cut back has lead to more at-home entertainment. Also, people could be using Netflix in an attempt to cut out their cable bill. Regardless of the reasons, Netflix is now the official “undisputed bandwidth leader” on the web.

Do you subscribe to Netflix? If so, how often do you use it to stream movies and other entertainment from the web? Have you ever noticed any issues with slowness? It seems that even though the company leads the Internet in bandwidth usage, it is still fast, which is good for consumers.

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