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Having reached a point of (hopefully temporary) unemployment, I find much of my time and energy now has devolved to the point of figuring out how to maximize my Netflix subscription while still finding time for my rigorous schedule of sitting about.  This is that story.

Netflix revelation 1:  The double dvds are bogus, in that you need to waste one of your precious slots for the bonus features which often are made up of exciting things like flip-through storyboards.  If at all possibly, try to order multiple set dvds from the library, where they come together.  In the LA County, you can order them online to be sent to your neighborhood library and subsequently keep them for a week with no charge.


Star Trek V–really not up to the level of the previous 3 movies.  Shatner's inexperience in directing shows particularly prominently in a movie series which was typically produced with the efficiency of a TV episode.  Sad that the cheapness of this movie extended even to the dvd which couldn't even mount a commentary track.

ST V bonus features–yes, I know what I just said.  The library didn't have this one.  Really odd features, including a long segment of Shatner talking about making love to a mountain and one solely on ecological conservation.  Not recommended.

Babylon 5:  In the Beginning–probably the best of the Babylon 5 made-for-tv-movies.  It shows the tight plotting as scenes from past and future episodes are woven together to reveal a complete story.

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