‘Neurotic, High-Maintenance’ Jennifer Aniston is Reportedly Driving Justin Theroux Crazy!

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The honeymoon might be over for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The “Friends” star’s “neurotic, high-maintenance behavior” is starting to drive the “free spirit” crazy, In Touch Weekly is reporting — and it’s causing major problems in their “relationship.”

The mag has a laundry list of Justin’s supposed issues with Jennifer. First up: She “complains nonstop about how fat she is” since she gained 10 pounds after quitting smoking. “Justin really can’t believe how vain Jennifer is,” a “source” claims. “He will want to go to a restaurant and Jen will say that the food’s too fattening or that she can’t stay up late because she’s getting up at 6 a.m. to go to a workout.”

Justin is also “really fed up” that, because Jennifer’s trying to get pregnant, she’s insisting “that they should only have sex during her most fertile days each month” [writer’s note: ew!]. They also might be spending the holidays apart because he “flat out said no” when she made Christmas Eve plans with Courteney Cox. “He’s starting to feel like Jen is scheduling all of his time up so that he won’t be able to see his friends,” “another pal” dishes to the mag.

And if all that weren’t enough, Jennifer “also thinks it’s ‘unhealthy’ that he still talks to his ex, Heidi Bivens.” With all these problems mounting, “they may end up spending time apart,” one of ITW‘s source speculates.

This report is probably a mix of both fact and fiction. It’s not hard to believe Jennifer Aniston is concerned about staying slim because of the industry she’s in, but there’s no way Justin Theroux is complaining about how “vain” she is. He obviously doesn’t mind how high-maintenance she is since he’s always getting spa treatments with her and has cleaned up his look since they got together. So that part, at least, can’t be true. As for their Christmas Eve plans, it’s been reported before that Justin and Courteney have problems with each other, so it’s totally believable that he wouldn’t want to spend the holidays with her. The part about Heidi has to be bogus, though — there’s probably no way Justin is still talking to her, because he seems like the kind of douche who would just completely heartlessly cut off contact with someone after he cheated on her and made her move out of their shared apartment. Justin might get updates on Heidi from mutual friends, but it’s highly doubtful they’re still in contact.

But no matter what issues Justin may or may not have with Jennifer, he has to stick around until the “Wanderlust” promotion is over. He’s obviously been bought and paid for, so no matter how much Jennifer’s neurotic and high-maintenance behavior does or doesn’t irritate him, he just has to suck it up for another three or four months.

What do you think? Is Jennifer Aniston too neurotic and high-maintenance for Justin Theroux? Is this just a load of BS? Sound off in the comments!

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