Neutrality of the poison

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Tastes like life

A drop of gold on your tongue; roll it;

savor the flavor; this is what we

are made of…the taste of the moments.

The bar, the ignored non smoking sign

and the machine’s conditioned humming

watch the slow motion of a moment

from the yesterday’s game, recorded.

A coin for the four years old, living

on the street and the day’s good deed is

accomplished. Now you can smirk; enter

in a dark hole; emit your passion

and drag the unfaithful discontent

home; raise a storm; leave a dense blood pool.

Then the gale subsides; your woman walks

in the daughter’s room. The small lips taste

like distant memories; like life she had.

=© 2009-Copyright reserved Kushal Poddar (reprinting is absolutely prohibited, without permission)

Neutrality of the poison

I can feel it growing. The desperate bite

makes the mirror blue. In mirror sides change;

which side the fatality may take? I feel

the birds are leaving my garden; liquid night

deepens, darkens; music ends at my neighbor’s.

TV, perhaps. There dead man can revisit

in the next episode if contract remains

and producer is pleased. Pleasure has its ways

indeed. I can feel it growing. Pleasure and pain.

I cough more blue. Mirror, mirror; what’s your hue?


Poison takes no side. Thus I corrode my life.


© 2009-Copyright reserved Kushal Poddar (reprinting is absolutely prohibited, without permission)

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