Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) Snubs Obama

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons (R) Snubs Obama because Obama singled out Las Vegas as a place not to go if corporations are receiving bailout money.  AIG for one had a big convention scheduled in Las Vegas, and it created a big furor.  So, President Obama announced that people who take government handouts should not be partying in Las Vegas.  The problem is he singled out Las Vegas, and didn’t say other conventions centers in any other state.  The Governor, Jim Gibbons, says it caused a huge drop in revenue and has cost the businesses in Nevada millions.  He noted that these companies are partying in Florida and other states, and that Obama should revise his statement to include other states other than just Nevada.

Obama is going to Nevada today for  Democratic fund raiser, and the Governor will not greet him. 

It seems when you’re president, you just can’t please everyone.  This is just a sticky wicket.

Last night in response Obama said,”It is good to be back in Vegas,” he told democratic supporters Tuesday night at a fundraiser for Nevada Senator Harry Reid.  “Everyone should have a piece of the Las Vegas dream and the American dream,” he continued.

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