Nevada Mother Burned Infant Alive

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A woman from Reno, Nevada is charged with burning her infant alive. This disturbing news comes after a lengthy investigation and a web of lies told by the mother. Police in Nevada have figured out that the special-needs child was doused with gasoline and torched in the high desert environment.

Suceli Ardon, a 26-year old resident of Spanish Springs, Nevada, told investigators that her baby suddenly stopped breathing on her own. This was because, according to Ardon, the child was being dosed frequently with medication because of a multitude of congenital health problems. One such health condition was Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. Naturally, Suceli Ardon wouldn’t have told police anything, because it wasn’t until they discovered its burning corpse that she fessed up to disposing of the body. She also told the father of the child that the baby, Brandy, was in hospice care, refusing to tell him that the child had died.

Anyway, she was arrested for arson and destroying evidence back in April of 2011. Meanwhile an autopsy was done on the charred infant which showed that smoke had entered the child’s lungs. This indicated that the story Suceli Ardon told police was a lie. Is this going to become an echo of the famous Casey Anthony trial? It seems that at the least Suceli has an issue with being truthful and honest. It was known that baby Brandy was suffering from several conditions and even required a feeding tube due to difficulties. She wasn’t expect to live long as it was. If the child had truly died as Suceli had originally claimed, why didn’t she immediately call 911?

Sources report that the medical test proves that this child was burned alive by her mother, Suceli Ardon. The infant was placed in a garbage bag and doused with gasoline before being lit on fire. What would possess this young mother to do this with her child? Perhaps she believed in her own mind that she was ending the child’s suffering? Or perhaps she wanted to escape the responsibilities parenting a special needs child requires. Regardless of the reason, it is certain that this woman has a tendency to lie and cover up things that she has done wrong. She lied to the baby’s father, and she lied to police.

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