New $100 Bill 3D Technology to Stop Counterfeiters

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Even though you probably think they look good no matter what, the $100 bill has gotten a makeover!

The US government recently announced the redesign, which includes a special 3D technology, making it very difficult to counterfeit. It has a blue stripe that is called a 3D security ribbon, with images of the number 100 and bells, which alternate as you tilt the bill back and forth.

There’s also a picture of an inkwell to the right of the stripe. The inkwell also changes color as you tilt the bill.

The Treasury Department has left in the “tricks” that they had included before, like a watermark of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait and a color-changing number 100. The Treasury Department is always looking for newer and better tricks to thwart counterfeit attempts. The $100 bill is the largest denomination in common circulation, so it’s important to keep counterfeit at bay.

The government is indecisive about when the new currency will be released into circulation. But, a date of February 2011 has been tentatively set, so keep an eye out for it!

What do you think of the new design and its technology? Do you think it was necessary for a change? Will this design help stop counterfeiting?

Take a look at the new bill here.


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