New 911 Video From Helicopter of Towers Collapse Released (Video)

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The 911 video below has just been released showing the collapse of the twin towers on September 11, 2001 from a NYPD helicopter. As you watch this new film of the horrible vents of that day, NYPD officers can be heard crying out in shock at the unbelievable scene that unfolds before them. The video provides a new perspective on the enormous size of the collapse as it spreads out throughout the city.

Listening to the 911 video brings back the absolute shock everyone felt on that fateful morning as people tried to comprehend the site before them. This video really brings home the scope of the tragedy and utter shock of such an incomprehensible sight. After the collapse the pilot can be herd in his typical New York accent saying, “That’s it – the biggest disaster in the world, right there.”

Perched some 300 feet above the ground, hanging in mid air, the chopper and its crew seem in suspended animation compared to the terror on the ground and violent demise of the towers and their occupants. The police radio transmission heard in the back ground, seems to echo the emotional shock and awe experienced on board the helicopter. Watch the 911 video yourself and experience that moment as they did.

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