New Amy Winehouse Album to Be Released Posthumously?

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Amy Winehouse had been working on new songs, on and off, for the last five years before she died unexpectedly Saturday. What are the plans for releasing that priceless material? According to music industry insiders, the question is open for debate. But given the devotion she inspired in her fans worldwide, it looks like releasing the tracks is a no-brainer.

Rumors of a third album have been floating around for years now, and reports of some completed tracks surfaced last month. During the summer of 2010, Winehouse was spotted in Saint-Tropez hanging out with her close circle of music friends.

Amid reports of her hard-partying ways and sexual indiscretions were stories of recording and musical equipment crowding her hotel room. So what will happen to those eagerly-sought after Amy Winehouse tracks?

“It is inevitable that her death will elevate her reputation and that there will be a third record released,” said Phil Alexander, editor-in-chief of Mojo magazine.

This means that the world will have a last chance to revel in her incredible talent. Despite her addictions, Amy Winehouse was known to be very ambitious and there have been reports she was unwilling to release a new album unless she was sure that each track had the potential to be a number one hit. That’s a feat no artist has ever achieved in life. Perhaps she’ll realize that dream in death.

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