New Android App Crowd Sources Views from Any Seat

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A new Android app is using crowd sourcing to revolutionize the way that fans can decide what tickets to buy for events at stadiums and arenas around the world. Philadelphia entrepreneur and app designer Frank Panko designed the app to pool the resources of fans worldwide to show views from any seat in any stadium, anywhere. Fans are responding to the app with enthusiasm, adding photos from professional and college football stadiums, baseball parks, soccer stadiums, basketball arenas and other venues.

What is the app?

The app can be found at A View from My Seat. The idea for fans is that they can submit photos to the site from their seat in any venue. All fans need to do is sign up for a free account, shoot photos and submit them to the website, or use the free Android app if they have a phone that runs Android. Fans around the world are already responding.

“We were surprised by the number of English soccer fans who sent photos at first,” Panko said. “We also received some photos from other sites in Europe too.” Panko said that other regions had sent photos, and he expects more people from international venues to submit photos as the site is translated into different languages, a project he has on his agenda.

What’s special about the new android app from A View from My Seat?

Tiger Stadium

Many sports venues offer views from different sections, so what makes this app different? Panko offers his idea on one difference. “A lot of stadiums provide an image taken in one section, from one specific location at a time when the stadium is empty,” he says. “What we do is show people different locations, even within one section, at a time when the stadium is in use so that fans can see what the seat is really like.”

And by crowd sourcing the images, it’s easy to get many images within the same stadium quickly. This gives the fan who is considering purchasing a seat an opportunity to decide whether to buy tickets for a specific place within the stadium. Sometimes seats that might not look good on a diagram are just fine, and sometimes things work out the other way around.

Why would people take part?

By sharing photos, fans help other fans to find good seats in various venues. Fans also earn “trophies” for levels of submissions on this new android app. Panko would like fans who submit photos to get discounts on ticket purchases in the future. His plan is to keep the app free of charge.

Panko hopes to monetize the site through collaborations with ticket sellers and potentially with venues. In the meantime, Panko hopes that fans continue to use and enjoy the site to share their own experiences from different venues. Whatever the outcome, Panko has definitely created an ultra-modern version of word-of-mouth advertising. And fans love it.

Image: Tiger Stadium, LSU, Section 640, submitted anonymously. Image courtesy of A View from My Seat.

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