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Liberty Green Renewables (LGR) has announced plans to build a new biomass-to-electricity facility it plans to build near Milltown, Indiana. The new plant will create approximately 25 permanent new green jobs, as well as more than 100 construction jobs. As many as 147 additional jobs could be created indirectly by the plantÂ’s operations.

According LGRÂ’s website, the company strives to build biomass generation plants that meet the following standards:

1. Complying with highest qualification standards for renewable energy in all jurisdictions.

2. Designed with carbon neutral emissions and less than 10% of the SO2/NOx emissions of conventional coal plants.

3. Designed with reliable and highly efficient bubbling fluidized bed technology.

4. Located and sized to keep fuel costs low.

5. Sited close to electric demand to enhance system reliability.

6. Interconnected to transmission lines requiring little, if any, system upgrades.

Press Release:

Liberty Green Renewables (LGR), a biomass-to-energy development company with offices in southern Indiana and Houston, Texas, announced its intention to build a 28 megawatt biomass-to-electricity facility near the community of Milltown in Crawford County, Indiana. The plant will process woody biomass material from a number of local forest product industrial sources, including residues from logging, sawmills, furniture and cabinet manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, land clearing activities, tree trimming and storm damage.

In south central Indiana, where wood resources are readily available, generation of electricity using woody biomass can be a cost effective
method of producing renewable energy. According to US Forest Service data, the forest products industry (concentrated in southern Indiana) is the 6th largest industry in the state in terms of employment. Indiana has more than 1,600 wood products companies.

The facility will utilize a fluidized bed boiler technology to enable
utilization of a wide variety of woody biomass materials in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner. The plant will comply with all applicable local, state and US EPA requirements regarding air and water emissions. Biomass is considered “carbon neutral” from a greenhouse gas emissions perspective, and the plant will qualify for “Renewable Energy Credits” and production tax credits under the U.S. tax code.

The facility is scheduled to begin operation in late 2011.

LGR has negotiated a letter of intent with a local utility to purchase the entire electrical output of the proposed facility as well as the associated Renewable Energy Credits and all other environmental attributes.

The development of the proposed biomass facility is expected to create significant economic benefits to Crawford County and the Milltown community. The facility is anticipated to have a capital cost of $80 to 90 million. During the 18-month construction phase of the project, more than 100 construction jobs would be created. Once completed, the biomass facility will employ approximately 25 people in plant operations, maintenance and administrative positions. Additional indirect jobs related to fuel logistics will also be created. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that 4.9 jobs are created for every 1 MW of biomass generation capacity. Based on this USDA estimate, a 28 MW plant could directly and indirectly create 137 jobs.

About Liberty Green Renewables:
Liberty Green Renewables, LLC (LGR) is a biomass-to-energy development company with offices in southern Indiana and Houston, TX. LGRÂ’s primary mission is to develop renewable biomass-to-energy facilities in the Midwest and Southeast US using locally available woody biomass and other biomass fuels such as agricultural byproducts, and construction and demolition debris.


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