New book attacks Kate Middleton, claims Prince William worries he’ll cheat!

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Prince Charles once famously said he wouldn’t be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress. But what about his son, the next Prince of Wales?

Before he married Kate Middleton, Prince William worried that he wouldn’t be able to stay faithful to her, the author of a new book about him tells In Touch (via! (HWL says the name of the book is Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King, which appears to be the title for the American edition, while several British sources cite the title as Prince William: Born To Be King.) Author Penny Junor writes that during his long relationship with Kate, he “had very real worries about whether it was possible to love just one woman.”

The “royal insider” also writes that the duo briefly split in 2007 because “Kate had always wanted rather more commitment than he was prepared to give” — but this is not news to anyone who read anything about Kate before she and William got engaged. At the time of the breakup, there were numerous reports that she was pushing for an engagement but he thought he was too young to settle down and wanted to dedicate himself to his military career.

In the “explosive tell-all,” the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly appears “desperate” and is the target of “various insults.” The book describes her first meeting with William, when she had “unwashed hair, no makeup and grubby jeans,” and says “his friends found her cold, dull and serious.” Well, she does actually seem pretty dull, so maybe they had a point. But this is also recycled information: When Kate and William split, it was reported that his friends disapproved of the relationship because of her middle-class background.

William allegedly “had no idea that his wife of only a year would be so viciously attacked in the writings and has been desperately apologizing for its publication,” which he originally approved of by allowing Penny to interview his staff, which the author found “odd.” But now that the book is out, he “is being very supportive and trying to make Kate laugh about things,” an “insider” tells In Touch. “The whole point of the book was that she was a normal girl, but she’s turned into a great beauty with a husband who loves her.” So, in other words, William basically wanted the book to be a puff piece that would tout how hardworking and awesome and dedicated to the role Kate is while whitewashing her faults — and now that it’s not, he’s whining about how Penny missed “the whole point of the book,” even though she talked to people close to him, who would normally be considered impeccable sources.

Based on the few excerpts that appear on HWL, it doesn’t look like the book really has any details about Kate that aren’t already known. There could obviously be new revelations that might be embarrassing for her, and she is likely upset that less-than-flattering details about her and her past are being rehashed now that she and William are married. But this girl knows how to keep her eye on the prize. She may be vapid, lazy and spoiled, but she’s also ambitious, and she held on for nine long years to get that ring, so she’s not going to do anything to rock the boat now. But William should stick to the Daily Mail the next time he wants some propaganda published.

What do you think? Should Kate Middleton worry that Prince William will cheat? Do you plan to read the book? Sound off in the comments!

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