New Cars to Have Black Box in Each One: Feds to Require Event Recorders

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New cars may have to have a black box inside each one if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) new regulations go into effect. Yes, it looks like cars will go the way of airplanes because NHTSA is hoping to see each and everyone fitted with a black box type of data recorder.

Understandably, not everyone is thrilled about the idea of constantly being recorded. However, a closer look at the NHTSA’s new regulations show that they want to make sure that there is a standardized black box system being used by all car manufacturers. The regulations will make sure that the same type of data is being recorded across the board on all new cars.

There are already black box type recorders on some cars but the lack of regulations allows some manufacturers to collect certain types of information while others collect something else. Regulation is not all bad, it’s not all good either but if businesses are going to continue to place a black box in each car they create, there should be a line drawn as to what can and can’t be recorded.

Unfortunately for consumers, the type of black box the NHTSA is seeking for all new cars will be turned on and left recording all the time. Only automakers, law enforcement officials and insurance companies will be able to access the data from your black box. However, does that really make you feel any better? Probably not.

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