New Casey Anthony Photo Emerges Showing Carefree Attitude While Caylee Remained Missing

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A new photograph of Casey Anthony has just been uncovered by investigators involved in the case. The photograph has been submitted as evidence as it was taken approximately two weeks after her daughter, Caylee Anthony, went missing.

A Tampa Bay, Florida news outlet released this photograph, which can be seen by following this link. The photo shows Casey Anthony, located in the far back left of the image, with a disposable drinking cup brought to her mouth. She has a wide, sloppy grin across her face and she looks inebriated, happy and carefree. This, of course, isn’t much of a surprise because when the original photos of Casey Anthony partying on Facebook emerged, it was also within this time line. She has never shown a sign of sadness for her missing and now deceased toddler.

Sources and investigators say the photograph was taken on July 4th of 2008–not even a month after her daughter went missing. Casey Anthony claims that during this time she was conducting her own private investigation of her daughter’s whereabouts, but if this image, and the many others of Casey partying, are any indication of guilt, then it is obvious that her goose is cooked. Casey Anthony looks guilty, acts guilty and doesn’t show a lick of remorse or sadness for the death of little Caylee. She will be tried by a jury of her peers. Does anything more need to be said?

Casey Anthony’s defense has been feverishly trying to stop evidence from being released to the jury for the trial. She’s expected to begin in early May and the Florida judge is allowing all evidence. Good!

Photo: Casey Anthony Partying

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