New Cookbook from Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works – Yikes!

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Brought to us by Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works, Inc., this website ( features the new cookbook, “Get in the kitchen, BIT@HES!”

And right on the front page of this site is posted what is probably a very necessary disclaimer:

“I am an honest person. I am also mean. Therefore, you may not like everything you are about to see and read. If you are offended by anything written on these pages- tough damn cookies! It is not my responsibility to censor your reading material.

My professional advice: GET OVER IT!”

According to their site, “Get in the kitchen, BIT@HES!” “ain’t your Grandma’s cookbook.” I guess not! With 52 recipes, this cookbook doesn’t put up with much from anyone.

The story goes, three friends, Leslie, Dave and Jason, got really drunk one snowy Chicago night, and decided, with Jason’s culinary expertise, he could write a cookbook! But not just any cookbook. Jason wanted to write a cookbook that didn’t put up with people’s nonsense about cooking. This was a take-no-prisoner’s (unless for S&M purposes) kind of cookbook.

After many literary agents told Jason he’d never get his cookbook published, he founded Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works, Inc., “for the sole purpose of encouraging people to laugh while they learn how to cook.  Well that… and to make a ton of money.”

Now, Whipped & Beaten wants to “revolutionize the traditional cookbook” with a series of funny books and kitchen utensils designed to be funny AND functional.

Their site does list some free recipes, so you don’t necessarily need to buy the book to get in on the action. Go to this page for free recipes. For $12.95 you can own this wacky cookbook.

Sounds fun to me! I love a good new business idea and this is a gag gift I could certainly see my kooky aunts and uncles passing around to each other during the holidays!

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