New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Video Brings ‘Batman’ Movie Spoilers?

A new The Dark Knight Rises trailer landed on the internet just a day ago, and brought with it plenty of insight into the third and final installment in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” movie trilogy. One site has made mention of spoilers that the preview reveals as well.

The newest Dark Knight trailer video shows a revealing look at the plot which includes Bane and his crew wreaking havoc on the city of Gotham. It also includes what appears to be the disappearance of Bruce Wayne aka “Batman” from the scene, with others questioning if he’ll ever return. Not only that, but fans are finally treated to seeing Anne Hathaway in action as not only the alluring Selina Kyle, but also as “Catwoman.” Michelle Pfeiffer, step aside!

The website has brought forth five “Dark Knight Rises” spoilers just from seeing the trailer as well. These should be avoided at all costs by anyone who wants to enjoy the full movie when it’s out in July. Of course, those who attend “The Avengers” movie on time, will see this trailer anyways, so spoilers will be there.

Among the reveals that mentions are the fact that it appears Selina Kyle and officer John Blake (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) know one another. Another reveal is the fact that the “Batwing” or “Batjet” or “The Bat” flying vehicle will be present in this film. Also, there is plenty of mass destruction and chaos, including street riots, Wall Street madness, and the blowing up of at least a few bridges in the Gotham City area.

Clearly missing from the new “Dark Knight Rises” trailer is Marion Cotillard who will play Miranda Tate. There had been rumors she will also play Talia Al Ghul, which based on previous on set leaked photos, appears to be true. In the DC Comics, Talia actually helped Batman at times, so that may be why she is absent from any of the new footage. Why spoil a good thing right?

Fans will now wait for a few months until they can see what all of these things really mean, when “The Dark Knight Rises” soars into theaters. It arrives on July 20th, 2012, with the trailer showing during Marvel’s “Avengers” film starting this Friday.

What do you think of the new “Batman” trailer? Are you planning to see this one in the theater? Think it can live up to the hype of “The Dark Knight” from a few years ago?

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