New Details about ‘Real Housewives’ Taylor Almost Drowning

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong has revealed that Russell tried to drown her in a friend’s swimming pool during their marriage. She gives a very graphic description of the events, writing that her friend’s dog was thrown in the pool despite not being able to swim and Taylor’s friend’s husband ended up with 12 stitches because of the altercation with Russell.

How much money is Taylor Armstrong Net WorthRadar Online did some digging and found out the identities of Taylor’s friends are Jennifur Diamond and Mark Alsentzer. A police report was indeed filed, even though Taylor had asked them not to press charges. In her book, Taylor doesn’t explain what happened between her and Jennifur after the altercation, but a source has spoken out about the aftermath. It turns out that the incident did cause a rift between the girls because of Taylor’s wishes of not filing charges.

“I can’t be sure that Russell gave them money to stay quiet, but he definitely gave them money to cover the expenses of Mark’s medical stuff which was somewhere around $12,000,” a source explains to the website. Jennifur refused to protect the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star if she put herself in that situation on purposes. “Jennifur was really, really upset and said that she couldn’t talk to Taylor anymore because the abusive situation was too much. They tried to get Taylor to leave Russell, but she didn’t want to give up her lifestyle,” the source continued. “Taylor and Jennifur didn’t see each other for months after the altercation. Taylor knew that if she confided in her that Russell had been beating her, the cops would be called,” a second source has shared with Radar Online.

After Russell committed suicide, Jennifur rushed to be by Taylor’s side and there was no questions asked. One could speculate that Jennifur was only trying to protect herself but once the danger was over, she returned.

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