New Details Regarding Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Custody Agreement

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It’s a shame that the hottest story in the nation right now is one regarding a divorce, but people can’t seem to get enough of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ divorce. Not only are people intrigued at how stealthily Katie seemed to execute the entire thing, but how quickly details were agreed upon. While many felt the custody battle over little Suri was going to take months, it actually took a little over a week.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes WHCADNow, new details are emerging regarding the custody details, something that everyone is itching to know. Although Katie has primary physical custody of the couple’s daughter, Tom plans on seeing his daughter frequently, a source saying, “[Tom’s] plan is to see Suri very, very often. He loves her dearly and is a normal parent.”

In fact, the Mission Impossible actor is reportedly already busy making plans to see Suri! The source went on to say, “As soon as he is done shooting he will arrange to see Suri. If he wasn’t shooting up in the mountains, I am sure he already would be with her.”

Throughout this entire ordeal, there have been numerous rumors reported regarding mainly Tom Cruise and his crazy lifestyle. Many point to his beliefs in Scientology as the main reason his marriage dissolved, but since the couple are asking for privacy, it is hard to say what really happened. It seems that the public wants to believe Tom is this crazy man who brainwashed Katie Holmes into staying with him for so long and that she finally “escaped.”

Maybe the public is right, but a couple’s divorce isn’t exactly something that others should delve into. There are so many things that went unseen and, while things didn’t work out with TomKat, there is no doubt that Tom Cruise loves his daughter very much and it is great that he is making plans to see her so soon.

What do you think about this epic divorce?

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