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THE JOCKEY’S JUSTICE by Michael Phelps, the second in the “Mike Walsh Detective Novels” series has just been released and is available on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Apple iPad, iPod, iTouch and iPhone, the Sony e-Reader, Kobo e-Books, Copia e-Books and the eBookPie at just $2.99 with instant download.

A highly respected and winning hrose racing Jockey is brutally murdered on the last day of the racing season in a small western Kentucky town.  The crime goes unsolved for eight years until his widow and their son-in-law are arrested and charged with the murder.  She retains Miami high-powered criminal defense attorney Frank Pizzo.  He dispatches his Chief Investigator Mike Walsh and his assistant to Kentucky to investigate the case and hopefully find evidence to prove thier client’s innocence.

What Walsh and Cabio find is the still unsolved prior murder of another Jockey under strikingly similar circumstances, the disappearance of another Jockey, race-fixing, illegal gambling, ties to the Chicago Mafia, political corruption, inept cops, a judge and a prosecutor with tunnel vision and bearing a vendetta against the widow.  All together, Walsh and Cabio’s investigation places their lives in grave danger.

THE JOCKEY’S JUSTICE takes the reader on a roller-caoster ride into the sleezy, underbelly of the colorful and fast sport of horse racing. 

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