New Eclipse Bree Tanner Still And Behind The Scenes Featurette Hit The Net [Photo & Video]

There seems to be a lot of buzz around one minor Twilight Eclipse character, and some are wondering why. The character seems to have no real important to the movie, but whenever she is mentioned, we have immediate excitement. That character is Bree Tanner. In the film, she is being played by Jodelle Ferland. This image is said to be of Bree in Eclipse, but it is possibly from another of Jodelle Ferland’s roles.

However, there is more of Bree Tanner that has hit the net today. A Behind The Scenes featurette of the character has been released, and there is even more new footage from Twilight Saga: Eclipse in this short clip. Eclipse Movie had the clip itself, and they also have over sixty screen caps taken from it if you want to check those out! For now, check out the Bree Tanner clip below! What do you think?  For more of my Twilight coverage, go here. For more movie news, go here!


Source: Eclipse Movie

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