New Find in Holly Bobo Disappearance

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Holly Bobo, the 20-year-old nursing student led from her home on April 13th, is still missing as of 5/10/2011. Very little evidence has been found in the case since Easter weekend, until today.

The Holly Bobo Search and Rescue Team is a collective of private searchers as well as law enforcement officials in the Decatur County area. They report on their verified Facebook page that a new item has been found in the search for Holly Bobo. This item, a hotel key card, was found in the vicinity of another significant item. The significant item, still unnamed, is the one that was found on Easter weekend, allegedly.

According to the ground searcher source provided by the Holly Bobo SAR page, the hotel pass key was logged and bagged by a Tennessee State Patrolman. The SAR team is going to strive to make sure the hotel staff will be questioned. This is the first bit of evidence to be named by any sources since the discovery on Easter weekend. A lot of allegations are made by so-called Parsons and Darden, Tennessee locals as to what the item is that was found prior to this hotel pass card, but the TBI has not released details on the item.

This could indicate that whoever took Holly could be on the run, and perhaps is not even a local. Why would a local to the Darden and Parsons area need a hotel pass key? Perhaps they lived at home with parents, or perhaps it was a traveler, just passing through. Hopefully, investigators will stay on top of this and more updates will come from this significant piece of evidence.


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