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I went to Borders today – looking for Cook Yourself Thin but I couldn't find it. It was sold out. This is the 3rd store I've gone into in the last week and they were all sold out.

Anyway, I can't leave Borders without buying something so I went to the magazine racks to look for the new Food Network Magazine. I didn't see it but I did see Jamie Olivers face sticking out from behind a Taste of Home magazine. I pulled it out and what was it – Jamie Magazine from the U.K. Yes, it was $10 U.S.D. but I bought it anyway. I couldn't leave that – being such a fan as I am. Has anyone else seen this yet? What do you think?

Then we hit Costco. In their racks, I found the new issue of Food Network Magazine – of course they discount so I got it for $2.47 instead of $4.00.

I can't wait to read them both!

I am going to order Cook Yourself Thin from Amazon and also the new Green Day cd! I can't wait.


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