New Jessica Simpson "Fat" Picture Controversy. Is She Really Fat? If She Is — I'm Obese!

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The internet is exploding this week with chatter about new Jessica Simpson "fat" photos (see the pics below). Heck, I even debated it with my husband this morning (who in case you are interested thinks she looks chunky). Is it really that slow of a news week that this is "the" water cooler conversation? Guess so, so I might as well weigh in (pun intended).

Jessica Simpson is not fat. She is a naturally curvy girl who has to literally work her butt off to get in the kind of shape we expect from celebs when she is out promoting a new album, shooting a video etc. When she is not doing those things and starving herself/training like a mad woman she gets curvy.




What Jessica Simpson should have learned a year ago though is that high-waisted jeans are not a good look for her when she is in a curvier phase.

Evidence below:

1. The Jessica Simpson "fat" photos in question that are causing the hoopla this week:










2. Photos that caused a similar stir back in 2008:










What do these photos have in common? Same TERRIBLE jeans. Just as I know that I CANNOT wear skinny jeans, Jessica needs to learn her lesson on high-waisted denim.



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