New Kardashian Kollection Dominated by Leopard Print and Spandex

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Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have released promo shots of their latest offering in their Kardashian Kollection line of clothing for Sears. The line is dominated by black and turquoise leopard prints with stretchy pants that appear to be either lycra or spandex. The promotional photos show the three most famous girls in the family wearing various looks from their line, complete with platform stilettos and bouffant hairstyles.

Khloe, wearing an asymmetrical dreKim-Kardashian-Leopard-Print-Kardashian-Kollection-070912ss looks good, with her hair looking natural and flowing, while the other two sisters look more reminiscent of a bad 80s music video. Kim is wearing a fitted one-button jacket that hints at the sassy top beneath, which looks great by itself. But put it together with those shiny stretchy pants and platform stilettos and it looks like something out of a street-walker’s closet. Kourtney’s hair looks more like a lion’s mane than windblown, which seems to be the effect they were going after.

The other pieces in the line include a sheer abstract skirt in the same leopard print, two-tone stretchy pants that resemble riding pants, a button up top that’s perfect for work, and a high-waisted pencil skirt that evokes Mad Men.

All in all, the entire line is ho-hum, and there’s not an original piece in the bunch. These girls are not gifted designers. They’re just taking already existing looks, mashing them up with different patterns and calling it new. If they want real designers, the least they could do is get someone from Project Runway to inject a bit of originality into their line.

One has to wonder two things—if the Kardashian sisters are so desirable, why are they stuck with Sears selling their Kardashian Kollection line? And second, why is it that the least famous sister (Khloe) is the best looking of them all?

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