New Kate Middleton and Prince William Pregnancy Rumors

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Kate Middleton’s prep school roommate, Jessica Hay, has revealed that the royal couple is “planning on making an announcement in December” with some “wonderful, happy news”. Hay told New Idea magazine, an Australian publication, that Kate has recently gained some weight and that “William and Kate are focused on starting a family.” The combination of these statements has restarted the royal baby watch, which isn’t a bad way to curb all of the negative press that the royal family has been producing lately!

And if there IS a royal baby in the near future, the world will go crazy. This couple is already one of the most publicized families on the face of the planet. Remember how crazy everyone went to catch a glimpse of Kate in her wedding gown? Imagine what the royal fanatics will do to catch a glimpse of pregnant Kate Middleton—or the royal newborn! Basically, on top of everything else a new parent has to worry about this couple also has to seriously beef up their security team—which can’t be an easy task.

It would make sense for the couple to be announcing a pregnancy at this stage in their marriage. In previous interviews given by Prince William, he’s noted that not only does the couple want children sooner rather than later, but that he’s looking to retire from the Air Force in the near future.

And if it is true—congratulations to the royal couple! Babies are the BEST.

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