***NEW Low in America***LIVE: Obama Flushed HIS Toilet!***Bad Taste & Judgment***Obama “In the TOILET’ Legacy******WH Correspondents Dinner***

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If anyone else has watched the videos or snippets of last night’s Washington White House Correspondents Dinner, you’ll agree – we have reached a new low.  As an American citizen, who lost family and loved ones fighting for our freedoms, and working hard every day to survive the continued loss of freedoms, and watching the working poor struggling between the choice of filling a gas tank or staying home as their job doesn’t pay enough to afford the gas.  Making light of all the things important to this country.  I’m still in shock…

They joked and were laughing at Fast and Furious, Secret Service, Hillary Clinton’s drunken texting, and at the in-digressions of this Administration, this President, and this country.

I was just wishing that toilet had a LOT more suction at the time Obama flushed it!


President Obama Opened Correspondents’ Dinner With a Toilet Flush…Really



It’s not often that we get to see the most powerful man in the world tell jokes about eating dogs, craving cigarettes and imposing his rumored “radical socialist agenda” on the country. And yet, last night in Washington, D.C., we were treated to just that. Wait, let’s not forget the toilet flush. Did we really need to envision the president sitting on the toilet, seconds before he was to address the White House Press Corps.



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