New ‘Maggot Sandwich’ Delights (and Disgusts) CA Fair Foodies (Video)

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The “Maggot Sandwich” is delighting–and disgusting– food fair visitors in California, but either way the new treat is a big hit and looks likely to “spread” across the Western states.

Jungle George’s Exotic Meats and Bugs owner Rodney Wright is known for introducing the wild and wacky taste experience for foodies at various state fairs, but this time he’s taking his passion for the weird to a new, low level. And it’s a hit!

In the video below there are a few non-believers who swear they’d never touch, let alone eat a maggot sandwich. And there are just as many fair-goers willing to take a bite on camera.

Jungle George plies his weird trade from the back of a food truck making the rounds at various locations in California, but this new sensation apparently went viral at the Colorado State Fair.

So Wright decided to debut the squirming delicacy at his home state fair in Fresno. The results are plain to see and it looks like the maggot sandwich will be spreading out to other locales as fast as flies on… well, one gets the idea…

And, really, what’s the problem? In truth, people have been eating maggots for ages and they’re actually quite harmless, as well as packed with nutritious protein. In fact, they’re USDA approved!

And, after all, who hasn’t seen the latest crop of reality TV adventurers like Bear Grylls pop a few for a quick energy boost as he tackles another life-or-death situation? Of course, he also drinks his own urine in a pinch…

So what’s next? Wee-Wee Lemonade to wash it all down? Hmmm… really cuts down on the overhead…

What do you think? Would you eat a maggot sandwich?

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