New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert: The Devil Wears Shin Pads (VIDEO)

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There’s a story trending this morning about a University of New Mexico soccer player named Elizabeth Lambert, who in one game against BYU committed enough physical assaults on opposing players to make Mike Tyson blush.  Some of this is the usual slide tackle fare that one would expect to see from a college-level competitive match.  Then she goes and punches a girl in the back, and grabs another player by her ponytail and yanks her to the ground.  Check out this footage:



My question is: where the heck are the referee’s during all this?!  Do fouls really not count at all unless they are caught in the act by one of the officials?

I realize that this might the case as far as game play is concerned, but surely the NCAA can discipline Elizabeth Lambert after reviewing this footage.  It just seems sociopathic to me!

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