New Nadya Suleman Website Announced Octuplet Mom Seeking Donations The Family

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The Nadya Suleman website is open for business. Yes you heard it right folks, business. The CA octuplet mom has now launched seeking financial donations for her family.

The cost of raising such a large family (14 kids in total) has raised quite a bit of concern and controversy as Nadya Suleman is unemployed, lives with her parents, and has considerable debt.

Check out the front page of the Nadya Suleman website (cute design I guess but does it make you want to help a sister out?)

Although Nadya Suleman has insisted in interviews with NBC that she will be able to support her 14 kids without government assistance — she has also just revealed that she currently receives government assistance for three of her existing kids. I guess starting a donation site makes sense in her version of reality and we’ll see how it goes. Would any of you give to the Suleman family? To be perfectly honest, I’d like to sponsor one of those kids if I could somehow ensure that NONE of the money made it into mom’s hands. I worry about those little ones and being born to a clearly crazy mom is not there fault.

I have a mentally ill mother and I believe those kids are in for a tough time. I really believe that this woman is sick.

Oh and for those of you who care, Nadya Suleman has also revealed the names of the Octuplets:









You Can also check out her latest back-and-forth with Ann Curry below:




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